EC-401 is a broad spectrum non oxidizing microbiocide for closed and open re-circulating systems. It is designed to provide excellent control of microbiological growth and associated Bio-deposits.



EC-402 is a broad spectrum biocide, designed to control the growth of bacteria and algae commonly found in industrial cooling water systems, air washers & evaporative condensers.


Microbiocide/ Disinfectant

EC-403 is a highly effective non oxidizing, broad spectrum low toxic biocide for control of bacteria fungi & Algae. EC-403 is highly suggested to control microbiological growth as well as Microbio Induced Corrosion (MIC) during hydrotesting of Networks & Tanks.


Hydrotesting/ Antifoulant/ Corrosion Inhibitor

EC-404 is a wide spectrum antifouling program with multifunctional applications in recirculating cooling systems, once through cooling systems & sea water once through systems. It is used during hydrotesting process of Tanks,Networks, & Drums.



EC-111 is a liquid form disinfectant & widely applied in different industries to control microbiological growth, organic fouling & for other disinfection applications. It is effective against Legionella bacteria and biofilm, on which Legionella bacteria can multiply.



EC-1010 is formulated as an Algaecide for swimming pools, Fountains, Water ways & Lake water applications. It is a strong algae depressant, fully compatible with alkalizing and flocculating agents, normally used in swimming pool water.


Biocide/ Fungicide/ Algaecide

EC-1011 is formulated as an Algaecide for Swimming pools, Fountains, Water Ways, Cooling Towers & Lake water applications. The ingredient is a mixture of biocides used for preventing algae & biological slime in open water systems.


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