Wastewater, Effluent and Water Reclamation Treatment

EfloChem has developed highly effective Wastewater Chemicals to remove total suspended solids, total dissolved solids in the influent and effluent water for Industrial and Municipal water application. These chemicals are use in the solid-liquid separation to prevent solids from building-up. Eflochem offers a wide range of Wastewater Chemicals to apply in sewage networks, waste water, effluent systems, drainage systems, sanitary networks and food & beverage industries effluents.


Cationic Flocculant

EC-351-CF is highly effective product for flocculation, clarification, & dewatering of municipal, industrial & waste water systems. It can be used alone or in combination with primary inorganic coagulants for clarification purposes.


Emulsion Cationic Flocculant

EC-830-CF is liquid cationic flocculant designed for sludge waste water clarification, dewatering & sludge thickening. EC-830-CF is a safe polymer when dosed as recommended guidelines & injection methodologies.



EC-CFC-4 is a medium/high molecular weight, liquid cationic polyelectrolyte. It is used as a primary coagulant or coagulant aid in water and waste water clarification.



EC-71-D5 is an effective foam control agent for many aqueous processing operations, especially in effluent and Cooling Water Systems. It is a blend of defoaming agents designed for Cooling Water, Process Water, Wastewater Systems Pulp & Paper Industries.



EC-71-D6 is an effective foam control agent for many aqueous & process based operations. It is safe to environment & does not contain any hydrocarbons. It is ideal for process systems where commonly found defoamer components, such as oil and waxes, are undesirable.


Odor Control Program

EC-ODC-116 contains a blend of stabilized agents to fix the bad smells in Sewage Networks, Waste Water & effluent systems as well as in the Treated Sewage Effluents. It can be used as a primary odor control for water effluents where the water is used for irrigation purposes.


Odor Control Program

EC-OC-1 is a concentrated Odor Control product containing a blend of stabilized agents to neutralise and fix bad smells in Sewage Networks, Waste Water & effluent systems as well as in the Treated Sewage Effluents.


Odor Control Agent

EC-Eflozyme-LE is a liquid product with Bio-generated enzymes, plays a role in the degradation of sanitation wastes & containment of bad smells in waste water & effluent systems.


Grease Trap/ Odor Control

EC- Eflozyme-LG is formulated with enzymes that instantly decompose the organic waste. The main purpose of this product is to control bad odors & assist in grease trap blockage control.


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