Swimming Pools Water Treatment

Swimming pool water must undergo proper treatment, in order to remain clean and clear, free from color, odour, bacteria, viruses, algae and other pathogens. Eflochem products treat pool water by eliminating the pathogenic microorganisms that cause associated color and odour problems and helps to ensure smooth swimming pool operation by maintaining water quality parameters that meet local and international regulations. The product range is safe to handle & is biodegradable. It does not form harmful by-products.

Eflochem offers a wide range of disinfectants to kill and control microbial load in swimming pool water harmful to humans. We offer specialized Eflochem disinfectants and general disinfectants for the application.
  • » Aquasparkle
  • » EfloProCare
  • » PoolClear
  • Algaecides
    Eflochem algaecides functionality is independent of water alkalinity/hardness values and has strong dispersing and penetrating properties for effective algae kill. The product is a mix of multiple biocides to ensure elimination of algae and biological slime.
  • » Algaecide-la1
  • Other Products:
    Eflochem offers products to maintain the pH range of the swimming pool water in order to have balanced water chemistry. In addition, Eflochem offers pool flocculants to maintain the clarity of water.
  • » Sodium Hypochlorite
  • » Calcium Hypochlorite
  • » Soda ASH
  • » Pool Acid
  • » QuickFloc
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