Water Testing Equipment - Lovibond (Germany)

Eflochem offers different types of Water Testing Instruments, Test Kits, Reagents and Corrosion Monitoring Kits (Steel, Copper, Stainless Steel & Aluminum etc.) for Laboratory use and on-site analysis.

Mini Test Kits ( Manual & Digital)
The table count process forces the sample water to change colour based on the number of tablets added. The value can be easily be determined on a conversion table based on the number of tablets it takes for the colour to change. Measuring opacity is striking for its simplicity.

Prime Lab (Photometer)
PrimeLab 1.0 Multitest Photometer is the worldwide only photometer using the JENCOLOR multispectral sensor, covering 400 visible wavelengths simultaneously. It needs only one model to offer more than 130 different parameter methods, including NTU turbidity and even a 1-hour quantitative and certified Legionella test. PrimeLab uses reagent tablets Made in Germany, liquid and powder reagents Made in UK and patented Legionella reagents Made in Spain.

Test Blocks / Test Strips
Water-i.d. Pooltesters match the classic way of how to reliably test your pool and spa water. All our Pooltesters / Testblocks have a white background. By that, reading the result is easy and won‘t be disturbed by background colors. Parameters: pH/ Chlorine/ Chlorine Dioxide/ Bromine/ Active Oxygen (O2)/ Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)/ Alkalinity (Acid Capacity)/ PHMB/ QAC / Copper Zinc As far as Test Strips can be concerned as accurate, Water-i.d. test strips give you a good indication of your pool and spa water quality.

Comparator Kits
The Comparators rely on visual assessment. The measurement result is not detected electronically. The human eye compares the measurement colour that results from adding reagents (e.g. tablets) with a comparative scale ( colour disc).

Tablets, Powder, Liquids

We offer a large variety of reagents, such as tablets, powder and liquids. Reagents are designed for various uses in Test blocks (rapid grade), Comparators and Photometers (photometer grade) as well as for titration methods, such as tablet count. Produced in Germany (tablets) and UK (powder and liquids), reagents stand for highest quality standards and reliable water testing.


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