Unique Specialty Products

EfloChem also has other specialty chemicals as listed below:


Inhibited Coolant

EC-COOL-3000 Inhibited COOLANT is used to control corrosion & fouling in Closed Cold Water & Refrigeration Systems. EC-COOL-3000 is readily soluble in cold water and at recommended dosages, buffers system water especially for closed jacket refrigeration systems.


Inhibited Coolant

EC-COOL-3000-MPG Inhibited COOLANT is used to control corrosion & fouling in Closed Cold Water & Refrigeration Systems. It is a liquid product containing a blend of Glycols and Organic Corrosion Inhibitors.


Wet Lay-up Program

EC-649 L is a concentrated liquid formulation designed to protect ferrous and non-ferrous metals of idle equipments during Hydrotesting, short term & long term lay-up/stagnant periods. It offers maximum protection during lay-up & Hydrotesting of Storage Tanks, Network Pipings, Heat Exchangers, Cookers, Chillers, Boilers & other Equipments.


Non-Acid "Eco-Safe" Cleaner

EC-EnvoClean-1 is a blend of organic ingredients designed to remove light hardness scales & traces of rust deposits from metal surfaces. It is used for industrial cleaning purposes such as Coolers, Condensers, Pipes, Tanks, Heat Exchangers, Chilled Water Networks & Steam Boilers.


Surface and Water Disinfectant

EC-SHPerox-1 is a multicomponent disinfectant. A long-lasting effect is ensured by this product as it contains stabilised metal nanoparticles which create a synergistic effect together with Hydrogen Peroxide. It is residue-free, non-pollutant, non-carcinogenic and biodegradable.


Phosphate Blend Multipurpose Treatment

EC-O-Phos-400 is a concentrated blend of non-hazardous chemical species that provide high Phosphate content and minor increase in the alkalinity of water. This product can be used as a stand-alone phosphate source for systems such as Boilers, Cooling Towers, ETPs, and Super Polishing Plants.

It is a safe-to handle liquid and can be used along with volatile and non-volatile amines for better/synergistic corrosion inhibition.


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